The Nursery

This is a small nursery situated at about 600 ft above sea level at the eastern end of the Brendon Hills in West Somerset. We specialise in unusual herbaceous perennials, especially hardy geraniums, geums, grasses, pulmonarias, astrantias, crocosmias, violas & primroses. We have a large range of choice and uncommon plants as well as traditional varieties. In the early part of the year we offer an increasing range of snowrops not only at the nursery and plant sales but also by mail order.

We prefer to grow small numbers of a wide selection of different plants, rather than larger numbers of a few varieties, therefore most plants are only available in limited quantities. If you are coming from a distance for a particular plant or if you require more than a few of any one variety please telephone first to check availability. If you wish to order large numbers of a particular plant, please let us know well in advance and we will do our best to propagate them for you.

Prices vary according to the size of the plant available. As a general guide, prices start at £2.50 for smaller and easily propagated plants and rise to about £7.50 with the majority of plants in 1 litre pots being £5.50 or 1½ litre pots £6.50. A few of the rarer and more difficult plants, or larger than average plants, will be more than this.

We regret we are unable to offer a mail order service xcept for snowdrops in February.

We do not use peat in the nursery or garden. Generally the plants for sale are grown in soil based compost. We find these plants establish themselves much more quickly in the garden than plants grown in peat based compost. The use of pesticides in the nursery and garden is kept to an absolute minimum and only as a last resort.


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