Mail order Snowdrop List  

Large selection of snowdrops by mail order.

Many rare varieties as well as more common ones, we stock many of the older varieties that have stood the test of time. We also have a selection suitable for those just starting a snowdrop collection.

Our interest in snowdrops started when we discovered Elizabeth Strangman's Washfeild Nursery in Kent. We made an annual visit there every February after visiting friends in London at half term. We still have these original snowdrops purchased in the 1980s growing in the garden and many are included in our mail order list.

Because no plant sales will be likely to take place before Easter, we have extended the period for snowdrop mail order until the end of March.

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Orders can be accepted by post or email. If you are not able to return the completed order form by email then email a list but make sure you include all your contact details  and say how you intend to pay.

Please make cheques payable to J. M. Spiller.
Please note that ONLY limited cheques ( ie a cheque with no value filled in but crossed “not to exceed £xx) can be accepted as it is impossible to anticipate demand.

Payments can also be made by Bank Transfer or Credit Card, for these options we will send you an invoice showing the amount to be paid and details of how to pay. The invoice will be sent when we are ready to send your order.

All our snowdrops are produced by division rather than chipping or twin-scaling and are grown in peat-free compost. Bulbs are of flowering size and usually will be in bud, in flower or have already flowered.

We regret we are not able to send snowdrops to Europe at present.

BULBS WILL NORMALLY BE DISPATCHED FROM JANUARY, WEATHER PERMITTING. Alternatively Orders can be collected by prior arrangement

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Photos of Snowdrops Taken in the Garden at Elworthy Cottage
Photos updated 10th Feb 2020

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